Court 16 is the first—and only—kids' tennis club in New York City. With perfectly kid-sized courts and a vision for a modern approach to teaching tennis, Brooklyn-based Court 16 is committed to improving kid's skills and confidence – both on and off the court. 

Tasked with creating branded social media content, the creative team at Again manages Court16’s Instagram account. As a designer I had the opportunity to illustrate and design for several series / program offerings that are marketed through their online presence. 


Life in Miniature Series

Illustrations inspired by #TennisTerms #TennisLingo

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03 c16-instagram mockup.jpg

Holidays, Events, Camps

Encouraging kids to engage in meaningful activities, be self-reliant and get active!


Kings and Queens of the Court


I had to also color correct images taken by various photographers to ensure that the look and feel is consistent throughout the feed.


Creative Team

Kate Cunningham
Alexandre Lins
Eva Vaughan
Mildred T. Chia
Additional Illustration: Bart Gasiorek, Angeline Toh
Produced at Again New York for Court 16.