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Digital Marketing emails • Landing Page • Snapchat Template

David Yurman is a boutique brand for people with an artistic spirit looking for meaningful, timeless pieces. Fine precious metals and unconventional materials are fashioned by the world’s best craftspeople into jewelry of enduring quality and iconic beauty. I was tasked with designing email mailers for the Fall Collection as well as Holiday Specials (such as Valentine’s) to drive traffic to the eCommerce website. Each mailer showcases selected materials, textures or elements featured in various collections.

The Fall collection included paper elements / costumes in their photoshoots so it made sense to incorporate similar organic paper textures into the email layout and design.



Using elements from their Fall Collection and keeping the design clean yet elegant.


Landing Page

David Yurman held a competition for young undergraduate artists, where they are encouraged to submit sculptures that may serve as inspiration for jewelry. This is a landing page where contestants may refer to for competition details such as guidelines and dates. The idea was to keep the layout open, incorporating original sketches from the design team at DY while keeping it informative.

Pure Form Landing page 3.jpg

Digital Marketing – Emails

DY_mailers A.jpg



Art Direction: Alexandre Lins
Design/Layout: Mildred T. Chia
All photography and assets belong to David Yurman.