Healthy living

Masthead redesign • Cover • Feature spreads

Healthy Living gives consumers the tools they need to make instant, positive changes in their lives. Expert advice, tips, recipes and articles inspire readers to achieve emotional and physical well-being. 

Redesigning the Masthead

To move away from the cluttered tabloid-magazine layout the publication used to exhibit, the masthead and cover was rebranded with that in mind. Appealing to the health conscious, the design direction went into a more sleek, organic and clean look. For the cover photo, using raw produce in a natural setting gave the magazine an overall fresh, bright and airy quality. Cover story titles were laid out within the negative spaces of the image.


MockUp_Greens 1 and 2.jpg
Mockup closeup_HL 3 and 4.jpg

Featured Article

The cover story was expanded into 4 spreads which encourages readers to include more greens into their diet by showing readers a variety of fun and easy recipes. Full page imagery with clean sans serif, highlights the article content. By cropping certain vegetables, the focus is on how these vegetables are beneficial in a recipe.



Exploring both serif and script fonts to exude a graceful mood, a combination of a script and a serif font for the final design gives an organic but classic look.