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Spotify Singles

Spotify Singles are unique pieces of content produced with artists coming to the Spotify Studio to record their music. Each artist records one of their top tracks as well as a cover song. These two tracks turn into a Single volume.

Album covers have always been a diverse and expressive playground for visual art. From vinyls to CDs to the thumbnails on Spotify, cover art helps influence how we experience music. 


The Illustration

These illustrations are inspired by the creative direction of the artist, or the song recorded. The illustration style is built on 3 basic tenets:

1  Simple — The simpler the better. Concepts are reduced down to its most reductive elements. 

2  Graphic — This means geometry and swaths of color or gradient.

3  Colorful — Music is colorful. Our brand is colorful.




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from the artist

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Recent album

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Various Options

Final Artwork

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